Blake and Gabriel don’t get much time together so when they have a chance they make the most of it , hitting the fanciest of hotels and restaurants and spending most of their time enjoying each other somewhere romantic in spite of the fact neither of them really get into the overly romantic gestures , they find it particularly interesting that they don’t mind it with each other. 

Sammoyke brought cupcakes to Alice’s house for her and her friend Lexi. 

Friendships blossom in the most unexpected places…and also the most obvious places. Alice and Lexi two unbelievably precious girls meet at Rainbow Happy Care after school. Since they go to different schools and Alice is two years older than Lexi , she finds herself at the mercy of Lexi’s constant attention and questions. Alice having a little sister following her around all the time at home is used to being chased around and forced to play but Lexi is funnier, braver, and more interesting than all of her friends at school and soon she finds herself following Lexi around just as much .

Bradly being the curious and free-spirited guy that he is couldn’t help but take an interest in the dead-pan , mature teenager that abruptly confessed his feelings shortly after Alex caught him kissing another man ( a sex friend that Bradly often called when he got restless and wasn’t in a relationship) Brad really didn’t believe Alex’s feelings were much to be troubled about, he figured he was semi-serious at best, and told Alex that if he past the entrance exam to Usagi University ( also the same university Brad went to ) that he would consider dating him . He knew that Alex had intended to travel overseas after graduation so he figured that disrupting his plans would be enough to convince Alex he was better off forgetting this high school teacher crush nonsense. But to Brad’s surprise a month after that promise Alex came forth with a letter of acceptance to Usagi University. Alex looked one part desperate and one part hopeful when he inquired if Brad had been serious about going out with him if he went to the University. When Brad hesitatingly reminded him of his original plans to travel over seas Alex was quick to correct the misunderstanding , ” I only wanted to travel the places you talked about so I could feel closer to you somehow..if I am with you we can go to those places together or new places, or no where at all as long as it is with you I can stand in this same spot  or go any want ” When it became obvious to Brad that Alex was more than just semi-serious he accepted his confession with his heart only mildly devoted to the decision. He put a stipulation that while he was still attending his final year in high school, even if they were dating they would not have any sex. Brad set the stakes high even for himself knowing that he his sex drive was as active now as it was when he was 17. He figured if he kept Alex at a safe distance he could let this highschool emotional roller coaster of his ride out . But living next door to each other raised the stakes even further. Alex was devoted at being a good boyfriend to the point it made Brad feel almost ashamed. Alex was going to school, working from after school till 11 pm at night and still found some time in between then to drop off home cooked meals to Brad. The only actual time he got to spend off of school and work was on Sunday and he spent it cleaning his apartment, doing laundry, and then coming over to Brad’s apartment to pick up the slack of his chores . The more Brad watched over Alex the less grown up he felt around his very capable student. Suddenly his stipulation was getting frustrating to bear. With more than half of the school year left he was beginning to doubt his ability to maintain abstinence. To curb some of his cravings for intimacy Bradly slyly suggested that Alex sleep over on Saturday nights so that he could spend more time with him on Sundays. Even though he still hasn’t had sex with his devoted boyfriend and student, he starts to feel cautious about his sudden attachment he was starting to develop for Alex. And what’s worse it seems in spite of all of Alex’s devotion and effort to be a good boyfriend, he never seems bothered by the lack of intimacy at all, which makes Brad concerned that Alex isn’t really mentally prepared for a physical relationship with a man. What awaits this duet as they explore the boundaries of their  relationship.

When the hottest Junior in high school says to do something, most people do it without sparing a second thought. But Darien isn’t niave to truly believe anyone would go this far even for Cassius. It doesn’t matter where they are , when Cassius tells Darien to give him a kiss or tries to touch him he completely loses himself and submits shamelessly to the 16 year old irresistible  Casanova , but even though they do stuff like this on a daily basis and have been doing it more often as the weeks go by , Darien is starting to question what it is Cassius really thinks of him, a “sex buddy?” an outlet to relieve stress, he tries not to fantasize that Cassius thinks of him as someone good enough to be a boyfriend but he certainly feels close to him when they are embracing each other. Will young Damien learn the truth about Cassius’s feelings before he becomes bitter to the idea of what loving someone means.

After weeks of the silent treatment between Bailey and Marty shortly after Bailey confessed about his summer romance with a guy , Marty has finally worked up the nerve to try and talk to Bailey again, but he still can’t seem to find the right way to tell him why he avoided him in the first place. How do you tell your bestfriend your feelings have shifted romantically , after all. Bailey on the other hand is pretty sure Marty is just uncomfortable being around him now that he knows he is bisexual, but he doesn’t want their relationship to fall apart so he teases and jokes around and tries to stay as close and playful with Marty as he always has, hoping the few weeks of silent treatment was enough time for Marty to reflect and get used to the idea. But Marty still seems to be acting nervously and shy around him and it’s really testing Bailey’s patience. What will come of these two friends who up till now have always been close.

Eve visits his sister , Wendy and her son .