"But I really would love to give him  a very special gift. I was hoping if I did, he  might give me a kiss in return, instead of the brotherly hugs I always get instead."

Someone help me, help me, help me please
Is the answer up above?
How can I, oh how can I tell them
This is not a puppy love

We can learn a lot from dogs. The sweet balm of puppy love can soothe a tender hearts. Often the way to inner peace and contentment is as close as a cool tile floor, a rub on the belly or a long walk with someone we love.

If you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just … passes you by.

Tony Savage is an underdog fighter in amateur  boxing struggling to go pro , struggling to pay rent, struggling to get laid, hell he just struggles. Then he meets Carson Nichols , a quirky and clumsy pet store owner that inadvertently encouraged a stray dog to return to the pet store on a daily basis after he started feeding him . The dog really took 

to  most people, was super friendly and energetic and Carson desperately wished he could take him home, but due to apartment restrictions he wasn’t able to bring him home. He set up a cheap but durable cardboard box in the alley next to the pet store for him to sleep during colder evenings and for several weeks he looked out for the dog the best he could until someone complained about a large and ‘scary’ dog roaming the neighborhood. Animal control came to the pet store and inquired about the stray and Carson tried to explain that he was taking care of the dog but it wasn’t his and he couldn’t take it home..the animal control was about to whisk the poor pooch away ( almost certainly to his doom since strays were often put down in the neighborhood) when Tony overheard the conversation and saw the desperation in Carson’s face he couldn’t help but feel obligated to help, before thinking twice he rushed over to the nervous pet store owner that was kneeling down to the stray dog clutching him comfortingly , ” There ya are, I searched everywhere, you can’t just run off like that! ” Tony pretended to scold the dog as if it were his very own son , the dog cocked his head at the stranger confused, but as if he understood suddenly the dog jumped and barked exceedingly at Tony’s sudden appearance . Tony began to unfold the story about “Southpaws” escape while he was taking him on his daily run, and the skeptical animal control agent left the dog to his ” owner” but not before giving Tony a ticket that would put him 150 bucks out of pocket…for breaking the city’s leash law. The stunned but grateful Carson offered to help pay for the ticket and thanked him for his help,” you really saved us just then, haha”  It was almost an hour later before Tony ended up leaving the pet store but not without Southpaw in tow, attached to Tony’s wrist by a blue leash. In spite of barely being able to feed himself on his current wages he got himself swept up in the moment and ended up taking the dog ( which turned out to also be a boxer to Tony’s amusement) . After accepting the inevitable and becoming fast friends with Southpaw , Tony also got closer to Carson, several months after their first meeting the two are now dating and Carson financially supports most of Southpaws and visits him at Tony’s house nearly everyday. 

Tony is a fierce, fearless, southpaw ( hence the dog’s name) fighter ( though still lacking in some skill he is  4-1 K.O ) Even though in the ring he dominates and even seems extroverted and outgoing to the audience, outside the ring he is the exact opposite, usually avoiding troublesome circumstances and not talking to people without a good reason , Carson who looks like he would be the quiet type is actually very hyper and talkative, though he usually talks more to the animals in his store than people. This couple is fluffy, coy, and playful.