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Holly , Polly, and Molly are “purrfect” triplets. Holly is a fashion designer, Polly is a wedding coordinator and Molly is a video game designer. Three beautiful but very different women living the seemingly perfect life together in their family home,none of them involved in any serious romantic relationships. But what will happen the happy trio of sisters when the wedding coordinator needs a wedding coordinator for her own wedding?! Polly tells her sisters she is  suddenly engaged , but they haven’t even met him?! Why is she being mysterious about her soon to be be-trowed and will and Holly and Molly start thinking about their own romantic futures because of this news. 

Holly loves white cats and has two of them she calls teensy and weensy because they were both runts of their perspective litters. 

Polly once went on a field trip to a farm to learn about agriculture when she was in grade school. She fell in love with the piglets at the farm and has vowed one day to own a piglet. 

Molly loves pandas and even became addicted to the mmo game world of warcraft just so she could play the pandarian class. She hopes to one day create a game dedicated entirely to pandas, targeted for a younger audience for educational purposes. 


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